Waited eight grinding months to see her
with her tiny, pink apple cheeks
I’d have been deemed a nut case if I’d have
suffered those last four weeks  

Complications produced many challenges
Both our lives had been at stake
Relief and elation made it all worth it to hear
the hesitant sound she did make  

A newborn, garbled pipsqueak squall
Placed in my arms, this bundle of warmth
Permission for us to ever be apart?
“Never,” avowed perfect north  

Watched 18 sugary confections of cake
adorn our dining room table
Recorded her well-pleased smiles in my mind
Mother’s love is not just a label  

“Will you just cry and die when August arrives
when she doesn’t come home right away?”
“Actually, no,” I heard myself clearly answer
“She needs to acclimate. I want her to stay.”  

A grown young woman stands ready today
I place her in His arms
“Know to whom you belong as you run your race, child.”
Keep her safe, Lord, from every harm.    

And God, shower her with abundant blessings
Encamp your angels all around
And let the noise she makes in her journey be
Exactly as your infinite love sounds