You are now standing
On hallowed ground
If you listen close
You might hear the sounds
Of all the ones who came before
And made this dream possible
Bypassing barriers and
Overcoming obstacles
To give you the dream
You own outright
Title and deed
In turn you turn this space
Into a place
For those in need
You are protected on this hallowed ground
And on the next drive you take
Into town
Please be reminded that for all of those folks
Who didn’t want your ancestors here
That there were less and less of those type of folks
Who felt that way
Every passing year
And in the face of racists, bigots and phobics
Y’all preserved your own space right
In the middle of Central Kentucky
I couldn’t fathom or ever have guessed
That I would be lucky or fortunate enough
Or rather, blessed
That the universe allowed us all
To stand together and connect
And to use all our available resources to protect
The land those before us bestowed for us
This sacred, hallowed ground
We will do our best to respect, preserve, and enhance
And we will not let you down