I spend so much time 
Rehearsing your whereabouts
In my mind
Your my secret hypnotist
I feine for your presence
I’m addicted to you
Your my secret drug
I’m going places wondering
Where your at
I look around on busses
Search every street corner
For your whereabouts
Your like a famous person
I’m your fan
When will I see you again?
I always ask myself
I’m all about imagining you near
The blissful sight of seeing you
Saves my boring existence
Your like a kids story book hero
Your the exciting event in town
When I see objects on the street
I stare at them intensely
Imagining them for a moment 
To be you hanging out 
Watching me walk on by
I long to turn the objects
Into you, present, never absent
From my view
Sometimes I think I see you
Riding down the block
Or hanging out with a group of friends
When I see objects laying on the ground
I wonder if they are your stuff
Your sweater, your shirt, the socks you wore
They are a special trace of you
Left behind
For me to remember you were there