Some of the best advice
I ever did get
Came from old ladies
With silver hair
Avon still on their lips
That I took care of
When the Alzheimer’s
Took all that Time had left.

These matriarchs shared the best
Stories, laughs, heartaches
Memories from childhood

Drink the bourbon
Straight down on occasion
Appreciate the burn
Split the banana split
Two cherries Always.
Wear the shoes
Always choose the slit in the skirt
That you think
Dare be too high “Smoke with Mary Jane”
Love your lovers
And love them hard.
Try something new
Plant seeds when it rains
Dance because a rainbow
is showing up
Dance every time
A hand is offered
Or that song in your head
That only you hear
Why waste a song?
Take the picture!
Give the hug
Keep the letter
Send a letter
Hit the snooze
Take the dive
Take the trip
To take the dive
Go and see
See and do
So you can Become.
Give that kiss
Watch for deer
Send the leftovers
I love you
More And Most.