there’s always a danger
when this thing happens
because sometimes
things don’t turn back on

it’s happened
standing in the dark 
on a road with no car 
or no promise of tomorrow

sitting in a narrow hot trailer
with no room of my own
while people got high
and laughed in the living room

sleeping in an office
pretending to everyone
that I wasn’t scared
of not having a place
to call my own

I cannot count
the amount of air matresses
that I’ve slept on
in an empty place
knowing it’s going
to start again

then you came along
and told me I was better
than what everyone said

beneath your voice
that I found in the sweat
on your skin
to make me believe you

and all those things I lost
didn’t seem like losses
at all
but a means to an end
to get to this moment 
of you and I