When he analyzed “The Kiss” by Klimt 
he wrote,”my momma should be 
       treated better.” 
He told us, “I’m from 
this is nothing.” 
When the verdict came 
                he was quiet. 

He and his girl are having 
She won’t tell her parents 
about him. 
The football player
dad would love, 
yes, m’am gentleman
mom would trust, 
who they will never know. 

Says “they” and “them” in
Are “so stupid to riot.” 
Hat, shirt, cell phone
bear the 
              Confederate Flag. 

Her daddy is a preacher. 
She was raised 
       in Philadelphia. 
Lost friends and 
          family this year 
but laughs when 
      she’s uncomfortable. 

I don’t watch the news, 
still I see the videos, 
      they just keep coming, 
from city after city. 
My wife is crying, 
       worried about our friends, 
and through her tears 
she whispers, 
              “I can’t breathe.”