I gave my informed consent, so I guess it wasn’t really an invasion,
more like a “Welcome to my heart.”  

I maintained their [sic] own airway and ventilation [and] tolerated sedation well.

Once Le français scrubbed in, they placed 6-French Terumo Slender sheath and 5-French Jacky catheter and a 5-French straight pigtail. Those French! They’re so clever!

After identifying the LAD/D1 bifurcation as the culprit, a 6-French EBU 3.5 guiding catheter was engaged.  Gotta love those French—they know who the culprits are.  

The LAD lesion was crossed with a Rotafloppy wire with some difficulty. Glad I was mildly sedated, I would have suggest that the French handle that Rotafloppy business.  

An Onyx 3.5 x 34 mm drug-eluting stent was then deployed from the proximal to mid vessel jailing the first diagonal branch. The wire that was also jailed in the diagonal was removed and then passed back through the stent struts into the diagonal.   Hooray! The French apprehended and jailed the culprit!  

We celebrated with balloons: an NC Emerge 3.5 x 12 mm balloon, an NC Emerge 4.0 x 15 mm noncompliant balloon (Even those noncompliant balloons can be fun.)  

All the wires and catheters were subsequently removed.  Merci! No wires in the heart, please!  
The patient tolerated the procedure well without any complications and was transferred to the holding area in stable condition.   Doctor, you and your French friends are welcome anytime!