Into moon-laden echoes reality’s insistence:
“This is it,”
of each cheek alighting to his:
“Even me?”
Moon him all his lover knows
and back sings the sky simply:
Love whispers himself 
a brushing smile
heaven’s breath
color of collarbones just newborn
Fingertips again, dizzy, manic
hand bursts
but fools never beckon
flung alone in iris having worlds
His words cliché entirely
whispers, “Heart doing?”
softening looks into eyes
just his fingers against his grin
delicious breath of youth and cheeks
feels tumbling urge and 
lips at his ear:
“Filling love endless, against like love,
I’m breathing you,”
The things the sky says
skin stars love
Just his breathless:
“Life glows and cascades,”
sizzling skin of his neck
sucks the wax away:
“Love continues defies always,”
Another moon burns his secret away
stares, smiles:
Presses closer, love clasped between the roads
cradling his hips in secret:
“Every life.”