Crispily crunchy
22, 24
The air has dried every thing on the ground
The cigarette ember has already caught fire to a wonderful smelling once green plant and its smoke floats up to our nostrils.
I pour some water down to put it out before the whole place goes up.
The water hits black lava stones,
In this artfully arranged Architect’s garden.

Last night a possum walked the perimeter. Each lumbering step creating such a ruckus
Like huge sheets of stiff paper crinkling
Such has the heat baked every leafy thing on the ground in Austin

The air wraps around my face like a warm woolen scarf. Being outside is like being slowly smothered in wool.
Thank goodness I’m in the shade, sipping ice water. Taking deep breaths and meditating on life giving energy.
It feels as if here, a watch might stop in the sun.