heading long into cold space to
who you thought i wanted you to be

Hows it working for you?

The broken bits glued
Adhesed by dreams I want you to want to have.

–you deserve so much more than your heart gives permission to ask–

I want to tell you that I have nothing to say that couldn’t be said better by a countless stream– – _ . . .

Of motivational posters
Of Clearanced,
Neon-dyed gerbera bouquets with emoji
And Fainting goat videos
And Dove bar foils, flattened like prayers and tossed later,

as trash.

What I am saying is
I am the basic bitch of fortune cookie life advice

What I am saying is
I am a hug wrapped
around your jagged pieces with my own shards strapped
tight to my heart with fraying (Nascar approved)

duct tape.

What I am saying is
I am trying so hard to hold you together

And if I fail, remember


We laughed so hard sometimes that the universe forgot itself and cracked a smile.