There was a hint of resurrection lacing together
the words of our December goodbye.
She was leaving into the arms of Saint G
and she would be gone for quite some time.
June was her final word and I made it mine as well,
inspired and hopeful, but choosing not to believe.

June has never been a kind month.
People seem to leave me or tell me secrets
that ruin my love for them.
One year, awful circumstances kept me from family vacation.
Divorce missed the month, but June still rained on my lonely bed
every night I wasn’t given to drunken slumber.

Her final word lodged in my brain, I resolved to make a change
to live my life to make this monstrous month better,
not because I believe she will actually come home
but for the self I have been longing to find,
free of the many agonies of the past, and
full of forgiveness for those who did me wrong.

As June makes landfall in my life again,
devotion to self satisfaction and healing
has allowed for a more fulfilling living experience
marked by spontaneity, massive risks, and shattered comfort zones.
I have not failed any endeavor I have chosen to pursue
even if the outcomes have been a little disappointing.

But most importantly, I walk into this month as me.
That and my God are all I truly need
and all of life’s remaining blessings will come in time.
I hardly even think of the girl who set me on this path
and that’s where I find the most beautiful part of the story.
There was a hint of resurrection and the resurrection was mine.