Hello, Miss
The one sitting eerily at the front desk
The one we must please to get inside any further
You there the secretary
I’d like to apply for a position
A position for the easy way out
I like it easy
I wrote in the comments
It would be easier to die in this moment
And nothing is wrong with me for that
Kindly skip over guilt and give me the easy way out
Don’t be selfish or i will tell 
I will personally note that you are selfish
let me die in peace
I would like to be killed quickly
But I still need to feel it
Can you do that for me?
I hope you do not mind
It is only the slightest inconvenience
Just please turn in my application
With a sticky note on top detailing how politely I asked for this
How politely I asked for all of you to play God
This is a good break I promise
No one likes office jobs
This is a better kind of paperwork in which you are the hero
Even if only to me
But that counts because I matter right?
That is what they told me
That is what they are told to say
Even if they seldom mean it
Even if they are wrong
Nevermind you seem to be busy on the phone
I will mail it instead
With too many stamps because I will not be needing them anyhow
Thank you for your time?
Thank you for none of your words
Goodbye for now.