Time saw her potential unlock and blossom like a flower
Then witnessed it droop in the evening shade

Her countenance showcased a brilliant work of art            
Then its blaze only slightly flickered

Her presence glowed pleasant, authentic light            
Then her smile disappeared, energy dimmed

Her lips engaged listeners with pinkie-promise-worthy honesty            
Then spewed only black truth and hot white lies

Her words tasted sweet and satisfied the palate            
Then nauseated like icing on molded cake

Her conscience sold refreshing lemonade-flavored stories            
Then blindly bought volumes of malarkey

Her love harmonized with notes of courage and hope
Then conceit cried out dissonance and despair

Her imagination hung a rainbow across the horizon
Then mindlessly scribbled sharp, edgy chaos

Her creativity burst with playful originality            
Then dwindled into a sole dotted i

She once inspired adoration and delight            
Then locked it all in treasure chests of loved ones.