I’m today tumbling
down and up
tumbling can happen
up. words want to come stories as I stay in the space imagining
worlds peopled with beauty not trended
deep channels of clear
wandering through the laneways
clothing redolent with a look of
compassion-it can be fashion not just action of passion-
no longer trying to be anything other than
we are
the light breaks illuminating as it does when we see it
reality like
before Merton said
to be a saint means to be myself.
this today
in my head where everyone is
the world actually working
the gates of heaven. is not the whole world
full of God the Hassidic asks Rabbi Kotzk
God dwells wherever man lets him
in I tumble
out to paint the siding the sun soaking
reach into my head brush in hand curling there for awhile this world
the staircase between here
and now