Ten feet tall and armed to the teeth
Afraid of nothing
A little man with a good mind
And a big ego.
Always suffered from high self-esteem.
Besides God was on his side.

Never feared the beasts of the world
Not lions or tigers or bears
Or wolves or snakes or monsters
Real or imagined.

But time wore cracks in the armor
And even the gentle rain that fell on it
Caused rust and weak spots.
Injuries followed, and
Ego suffered.

Began to worry about wolves and tigers and bears,
To wonder where the lions are.
To fear viruses and infections and
Other creatures far more deadly than monsters,
And fear for the well-being of those he loved
Those he could not protect.  

Now his armor is gone
Broken by time.
And loss and grief.
Gone the confidence,
The fearlessness.

He doubts his own self.
Every time he walks out the door,
Afraid, he wonders
Where the lions are
And where God is.