People aren’t really hum drum
Just so many had everything else conditioned clean out of them. Wiped of magic, beauty, leaving a bare sort of function. I guess the upside is they can watch TV. That is until some shit goes super sideways in their immediate understanding. Death, divorce, illness. The great awakeners,
And then they can appreciate the trees and spiders.

“My doctor operated on my back, left me in mind breaking pain, so naturally I killed a bunch of people.”
Seems about right.

It’s 120 degrees in Death Valley.
Are the coyotes and snakes safe undergound? I bet the winged ones clear out. I wonder does the baking salt purify the earth?

All day long I dreamed of white squirrels, pearlescent bison, spirit bears crafted by the Ravens. In the end I painted a magnificent race horse, my city’s namesake, and I thought intensely of his epic heroism in unity, his perfection in blindness. What a great emblem for the whole state, really. In Anthroquinine blue and Quinadicrone Red.

I wish school taught people how to fail. We could use some more confidence here.