I don’t practice black magic,
Why the fuck not?
If ever there was a time for
it is now.

With this knot
–that heavy one, sits on the chest–
I seal this hex.
Snarls of anger, labyrinths of hate
Disregard of humanity brings you your fate.

I tear out this second knot
–my own blood is there, too, see? We’re both guilty–
Bringing darkness over you
–and this tine, one of more than your own making–
Slander, discord, evil, greed,
Feeding revenge, the barbed seed.

May it grow into a third knot, with thorns to bind.
–my own fear, my own doubt, all the power we misuse–
May it cloud over the morass of your mind.
Hex of hurt, hex of disgust,
Let it push us to do what we must.

Bring them down, I will not wait!
–now is not the time to be silent–
Bring them down, it’s not too late. 

As I will, as you will, as we will,
So mote it be.