I am catching up to myself.
Yesterday exceeded expectations:
even when my grandson squalled at me,
I didn‘t worry. I have four others
who know me just a little, but still
we love each other. Such is the nature
of their open hearts. Forgiveness
is wealth, a chance for fortune.  

Best or better, being held. To think
you know what you need invites
disappointment. Finding what you have
rewards. Blue between the leaves,
the Cardinal’s hush, my neighbor’s screen door
slams, followed by his young voice
speaking to his mother. Too warm
for spring, not yet summer, this relief.  

It is a warning and a promise: things
will change. Dog digging into coolness
below the bamboo, your shade gives you
energy to kick soil out into the yard.
My slowness expands this day into
a season. Drunk on novelty, yesterday
we saw Jupiter swing past the moon.
So often, a half-moon marks disaster.  

This may be my slide from power.
I’m held longer than I ask to be.
I welcome that it helped me find
this breeze, the pace of wonder,
days unfolding into generations.
Ray Charles sang, with others,
“Well, it only takes a moment
to be loved your whole life long!”