Top of the 1st

dug up my heart from last season
like a damn fool
swore i was done with this rambling wreck
after finishing 24 games out in the Central
they use to be a big red shiny machine way back when
Sparky was skipper 
Dusty was my fave
My sister made me a fan
Had me hook line and sinker 
from the first game she made me listen to 
Use to pretend I was Mario Soto trying to get that change up
To break nasty against the side of the cinderblock garage
i was warned not to throw anything against. It never worked
I never listened to the decisions management has made that year

Bottom of the 1st

we 22-41 and 15.5 out in the Central
And all I want is a rain delay
to last 99 more games
so i can swear that this is it
i’m done. . .

until she comes calling me again in the spring