I’ve filled myself to the brim with chili
I fold into a familiar spot on the front steps.
It’s been dark all day
The day after the solstice,
The sounds of cars on the wet street sound different from inside my echoey wooden box of an apartment, plastered floor to ceiling with stacks and boxes of rolled, leaning and hanging canvas.
I gaze around me at the green air, feeling drugged, holding a lit cigarette under my hand so it doesn’t get wet.
I feel so proud of my Miyazaki-worthy outfit today. Green and red frog socks, yellow sandals, pale pink jeans, avocado green and white-striped pocket shirt, burgundy, cream, and brown plaid overshirt.
It is a weirdly cold end of June, Goldie says,
He’s tickled he gets to wear his brown sweater, just about anytime it isn’t sticky out. A frousy bit of drab, stretched down several feet, pockets bulging with heavy packets of paper.
Between poetry and thickly buttered bread,
I’m halfway between here and somewhere
A few things give me a start as my eyes fall upon them-
A chore I started this morning and completely forgot about finishing
“Save ya later, Begonia”
I sure get into a churn
flushing away the day
Carrying strips of cardboard here and there
Drilling holes with a screwdriver
Folding the new tshirts for market
Seeing how many clean laundry cubes I can squeeeeeze into the dresser, it’s all in the arrangement.
I put off putting those away.
An infection spread into my lungs before I knew it and it’s kicked me in the chest
I’ve been on a hiatus
From coffee and cigarettes
For three days the world has been a different color.
Gazing into the neighbor’s lilies, I see The Kitten’s face under a big low hanging lily pad (It’s not a lily pad but I like to call it that, as that is what it resembles), she wears it like a hat, she sure is a Totoro.
Everytime I look back she’s still there, just her head sticking out enough to see.
Even though I haven’t been smoking much, plagued as I am with mucous,
I keep hanging out in the yard, admiring all the littlest and the biggest plant and stone and ant residents. Occasionally I walk in the wet grass, between stints of heavier drizzle.
Very suddenly it’s night again, it seems like it came so early.