Cave drawings were found in Borneo.
We listen to poems about trees at Artsplace
while dancers above us  drum the floor
to a Fauré mashup. A plaque in Iceland
commemorates the last iceberg.

Hummingbird fledglings
set out for a nonstop flight south,
but the Amazon forests are burning
as Notre Dame goes up in flames.
We prospect for water on Saturn’s moon.

Behind the garage, we bury the chipmunk
caught by the cat. We’ve gone from burying
the dead, to stacking them, to recycling
their ashes. The landfills are overflowing.
The possum scavanges at dusk.

We do fifty repetitions on our yoga balls.
We hug tight to our therapy dogs.

What’s left is an unkindness of ravens
imitating human speech. They somersault
down from the sky to break our skin.
Shorebirds saved Columbus.
If we live forever, we’ll need a new planet.