Home is the porch with table and chairs

Where we sit and talk about all our cares.

Home is the door to the Tardis, where time

For being yourself is a state of mind.

Home is the smell of incense and tobacco

Wood working and flowers, a dog and the cats, too.

Home is the counter where love sits and ponders

Where voices and ideas enter and wonder.

Home is leftovers and beer, coffee and wine,

Some folded laundry, is this yours or mine?

Home sounds like laughter, grumping and song

With young and old voices, some soft and some strong.

Home is a blanket draped on a chair

Balloons on the floor and shoes on the stair.

Home is the craziest sane place to be, where

Love is the answer and you are the key.

Home was once just a house where you lived

                                          Now home is the love and the heart that you give.

For Rob
By Kelly Waterbury