Onions, garlic, cumin
Habanero peppers (in the garbage disposal by mistake)
Sweet citrus blooms
Door opening to the smell of crockpot chili
on a rainy evening.

The bite of
Mexican cheese, arugula, mustard greens,
roasted green chilis
cilantro leaves, cumin seed, coriander.

Bonnie Raitt, Billy Joel, the Beatles,
Jerry Riopelle, Zachary Richard
Barking dogs, the buzz of the leaf blower
Clanging sail shade hardware and windchimes.

Sun stripes through shutter slats
Red, pink, variegated pink and peach roses
White flowers of night-blooming Cereus
Eye-searing azure day sky
Dazzling purple, orange pink sunsets.

Bamboo sheets washed to
a cheek-soothing softness.
Gritty desert dust
every day,