I remember two things 
From high school typing class
asdf  jkl;
Eric Boling

He caught my eye
The moment he was 
Called to the
Principal’s office

He was my first 
Troubled boy
After him
I collected 
Lost souls
Like seashells

His cavernous smile
Could have swallowed
Me whole
I would have complied

His mirror balls eyes
Illuminated all in their path
I would melt
When they shone on me

He was making out 
In the dugout
Angsty poetry and Camel Lights
Pink Floyd and
Midnight drives with the headlights off
To scare me into his arms

Sweetness and danger
Sheepish deviance
Irresistible Eric

He was my first heartbreak
Though no one 
Has ever
Let me down
So gently 

In my mind
He remains
The shy, kind
Teenage boy

No more

“Shine on you crazy diamond…”