Honestly, My Littles Should be Thankful for My Eight A.M. Appointment 



I got my Genius

3D Mammography

exam today (once

called a mammogram).

And the technician  

gave me a sticker,

only instead of a small

oval I voted today,

it reads in a larger 

teal circle:  I got my Genius

3D Mammography

exam today.  With my family

female history, it’s imperative

to follow through every year.


And for the record—

there was not a thing Genius 

anywhere.  Neither the teck

nor I qualified as Geniuses.  

The smashing machine, 

operated by the technician,

therefore was disqualified  

from attaining Genius status either.  

Perhaps Starfishes or Anxieties 

are more appropriate statuses. 


Hold your breath; breathe;

hold your breath; breathe.

4x.   And then I wait anxiously

for a call back or a letter in the mail.


But I will say the whole 

ordeal was less of an exam 

and more of an experience.

The smaller your (my) breasts

the more it hurts, I repeat:

the smaller the breasts

the more it hurts—there are

two breasts after all.  And my 

littles aren’t Genius 

at this testing thing either.


After such an ordeal

Reward! Reward!

I took myself shopping

and made a sumptuous lunch.




Melva Sue Priddy