(In honor of the Civil Rights movement Sit-Ins of the 1960s) 


Men and women are sitting. 

Ready the hoses.
Rile the dogs.  
Release the troops—
because people are sitting.  

Beat them senseless with your batons.
Let the water scrub them raw.  

Can’t you see?

They are sitting.
Legs crossed.
Staunch in their seat.
They refuse to leave. 


This is an attack on our moral fiber. 

What kind of country will this be if we can’t lynch? 

What kind of country will this be if our children intermix?  

Don’t you see? 

The fabric of our country is at stake.  

And they— 
are still sitting.  

They don’t have respect for the hospitality we’ve shown.  
No gratitude for the scraps we’ve thrown.  

So, give ‘em life for thinking everything isn’t all white— 
and sitting.  

I can’t believe they’re still sitting.