More tales there are to tell of the Road 
The land, its folks, their hopes and folly.
Sit a spell and I will tell you one not jolly
But fills the ears with a story often told. 

Glitter, bling, abundance, columned glory.
There it stood, alone in splendor. Once
More humble but imaginings and resource
Found its way to the doorstep.So it grew.  

There it stood saying to the world,
Look at me all the others in the row
Are but out houses to serve my need as
I Shimmer in the sunlight, preen and blow.  

Cowed we were of its shiny splendor until
One day  their youngest lad home alone
Tripped on a hidden red gas can.
Afraid  to call to warn those gone he ran.  

 A spark, from where no one could ever tell,
Turned that mansion to a raging hell.
Folks came from everywhere to watch it go,
Smoke rose, flame ravaged, took its toll.  

In time a modest house was to built to rise
On the ashes left by the raging flames. Yet
Neighbors never could erase the envy, pride
They felt toward the mansion risen right on
Their road not far they’d say, so grand now gone.  

Driving by you can miss the place that shown
Once a majesty unlike the rest. Look for great
Trees that survived the heat and stayed to mark
The place of the golden ones  praised estate.