We started out renovating for ourselves,

changing what we didn’t like:

taking out the scroungy carpet and white linoleum, 

impossible to keep clean, repairing window

blinds and black out pull downs, thinking about 

adding a better recliner for Mr Man.

But then as we cut and ripped out 

the scroungy carpet, Mr Man said he was ready 

to look for a pull behind like I had wanted 

for years. Let’s face it, I never liked this RV 

from the get go, it was all his idea, 

he just had to have it. She did serve her purpose;

I can’t tell you how many times I camped

with three grands, us all piled on top 

of each other when it rained, how many times

I camped by myself at the river farm,

sometimes a month at a time. (OMG, 

alone time is so very necessary to my life.)

Must be a man thing to have a drivable RV. 

Let me tell you, within three hours of his

giving over (Snap Your fingers!)

I found two pull behinds

on facebook marketplace could work.

(Secretly I’d been watching.)

One definitely did work. We moved out 

of the RV into the camper and are now 

finishing the reno for sale. O, new tires! 

RV For Sale! Anyone?