It seems like everywhere
I look today, I see the shape
Of a duck

Some other shapes I enjoy:
Dragon scales
My 1930s bathtub
The letter L
The number 3

What am I feeling right now?
A light breeze on the bottom of my foot
A sickly shudder at the fragility of life
Sunbeams burning behind hot clouds
A wooden board duct taped to my forehead

I’m wondering if A.I. will ever be conscious
If mystery is crucial, or desire.
Can I really love without knowing desire?
Can I desire without needs?
Can I need without mystery?
And what is a choice without consequences?
What is inspiration, but blindness to logic?
And what is it that moves me, that makes me cry with joy?
Can I be conscious without joy?
Are you really experiencing anything through VR? Or is it just reminding you of real experience?
Am I really so weird for sitting outside at night, just to look at stars and feel other’s pain and joy?