I am
           the slime beneath your shoes
           the mold that dusts your bread
           the milk that’s spoiling inside your fridge

I am
           the coiled snake with rattles shaking
           the silent tiger stalking through the grass
           the hungry shark roaming the ocean
           waiting for the fateful fool
           who braves the waves on moonless night

I am
           the housefly you so long to swat
           the venomous spider spinning webs in darkest corners
           the infestation of roaches
           ready to squeeze into your ears
           the buzzing mosquito looking
           to fill my gut with all your blood

I am
           the maggots bursting forth
           from rotted meat         or flesh
           the stench of death
           filling nostrils and turning stomachs
           the pallid corpse with eyes wide open

and I am
of you.