i do not  
know how to communicate
i do not understand so many things
i do not like pain
i do not like liars
i do not like deceit
i do not like hate
i do not like supremacy
i do not like scared dogs
i do not like scared cats
i do not like scared snakes 
do not like scared anything
i do not corner anything scared
i do not trust-even the hand that feeds me bites
i do not like being confused
i do not like what i do not like, so i try to avoid what i do not like
i do not like people who do not clean up after themselves
i do not like apathy, but it helps maintain sanity
i try to accept what i do not like or understand
i live in denial-partnered with amnesia
i like sunrises i like sunsets
i appreciate a good night’s sleep
i enjoy driving a tractor
i feel blessed when i see barn swallows darting about in a feeding frenzy
i stand in awe of the natural world, how imbalance creates balance
i marvel at colors i live with music i embrace the arts
i would love to love an artist-i had sex with a musician once-he made love to me
I wonder if loving is something I am able to do one more time before I die
i wonder if i should risk opening my heart- after all open-heart surgery is around the corner-that seems like more risk than i care to take
i am scared i cannot accept i do not understand
why man can’t stop man’s inhumanity to man