I forgot how to write a poem
words are hiding in the dark
just behind those doors ajar
but I see an eye glowing in there

like some distant star
hesitant to come out
hey guys, come on,
what’s there to be scared about?

run around the room a little
speak as though you might be a fiddle
slip and trip on something funny
drip on down from some spilled honey

fly by etched on butterfly wings
maybe invent some new names for things
whatever rings right, just don’t spite me
don’t stay in the dark, I rather you bite me

you can show up anyway you want
in swirly formations or in elegant font
but not out of reach in the midst of great need
where are the days you grew like a weed

so I guess you’re waiting for some kind of inviting
or a big idea reason to come out of hiding
blank pages await you, I’ll wait here alone
so let’s have a play date, and head for the zone