my parents didn’t teach me how to cut my toenails or say no to people.
this girl I’m no longer friends with taught me at summer camp.
we were going into seventh grade in the fall
and she left the camp early.
she missed home.
I had a really hard time at camp the whole time and finally, the last day, I had a nice time and made friends.
I didn’t want to go.

Nowadays, I don’t ever have to go home if I don’t want to.
I learned to say no from my therapists and friends, like
when I don’t want to go to a family function, when I don’t want to talk about a certain topic, or
when I don’t want to kiss someone.

My parents didn’t teach me to take care of myself.
they asked me to bow, pray, and ask for blessings at the feet of the Lord and my grandparents
and any other adults they held in high esteem.

Now I can pamper my own feet. (and will!)