Where else could I go fot a story prompt,
Where else would I have seen real life unfold
Other than the Walmart in the floodplain
By the railroad tracks
Where I used to shop for records
At the original discount store?
I bought Beatles records
Blue and white and Sgt. Pepper
Frolicking in circles – scratch needle in groove
Where could I go to see the big bottom girls
On bicycles while Qyen shines on
In bohemian rhapsody?
No, kiss me under the bleachers,
Behind the dumpster, in the backseat
Of a Chevy at the drive-in.
Giant creatures battling for domination
And your hand slipped over my breast
And maybe south of there.
But the Walmart still has McDonald’s
Still has big mommas smacking their children
And blue jeans rumpled on the shelves
And fake Nike sneakers
And orange cheese puffs
And coke-a-cola.
Where else could I find you
Since the days when this place flooded
And the train rattled by, blowing its whistle?