It’s that time of the year where I remember again,

He was always a lover, but never a friend.


I can’t pretend this is anything new,

I guess I just feel better around you.


Blushing from your gaze,

Had me nauseous for days.


I’ve been euphoric for weeks,

Switching my weight between my feet.


Rosy red and cool baby blue;

Ice and spice honey, we always knew. 


You and me baby, alone

In an oh-so crowded room.


Golden threads and new white shoes,

It’s haunting that he’s still my muse.


Under the covers and wearing thin,

I wish it was you, and never him.


Muddled into two, him and you.

I guess I just feel better around you.


Nostalgic for something that never existed,

I hate how he kissed me, even though I miss it.


I love you for the good times

In spite of the bad.

I guess you can’t lose something

That you never had.