If maybe we really should compare apples and oranges
How humanity survived for so many centuries without hands-free soap dispensers
If the Hundred Years’ War was just an unfortunate misunderstanding
If Hermann Goering and J. Edgar Hoover were pen pals
Who really shot Arnold Rothstein
If we’ll ever go metric
If it really was a “far, far better thing” Sydney Carton did, or if he just lost his head
If the bear went over the mountain for the same reason the chicken crossed the road
If Attila the Hun would have had fun with Silly Putty
If Wile E. Coyote owns controlling stock in Acme
If the guy who stole the kishka is the same one who put the overalls in Mistress Murphy’s chowder
What you should do if your boss says, “Don’t think of me as your boss”
And, of course, why angels would even want to dance on the head of a pin.