I hope you fall back in love
With life
Every time.
I hope you see the stars twinkle
And you watch red lights turn green
I hope you turn your favorite song up
As loud as it can go and I hope you scream it louder
I hope your hand stays out of your car window riding the wind
I hope you realize that tears are just
Filling the river so your boat can float
To a smile
I hope you live how you want to live
And I hope you embrace every moment
And enjoy every second
I hope you are being you
I hope you live every day like your last
And I hope you eat all the ice cream you can
And every slice of greasy pizza
I hope you see the leaves blow in the wind
And I hope you jump into the cold water
To swim
I hope you are living how you want
And I hope your life is becoming exactly
Or at least,
Close to what you’ve always dreamt of
I hope you dance in your socks
And I hope you stay out too late
And I hope you never give up
I hope you laugh until your face hurts
And I hope the freedom you feel is real
I hope you fall back in love with living
And I hope you’re hoping the same