I answered my phone
without looking down
and heard my voice say
I would be in town

I heard myself ask
would I be home when
I arrived later
at nine perhaps ten

My stuttered reply
was anxious and high
I simply said yes
without knowing why

I checked the I.D.
it was my number
How did I call me
I sat and wondered

At nine on the dot
to my wild surprise
I was on the porch
as I had advised

I looked just like me
even dressed the same
I didn’t bother
to ask me my name

I waved my left hand
and I waved my right
I and I both smiled
but our grins were tight

What is it I want
I thought in my head
as I looked at I
I heard what I said

I climbed up the steps
I shook in greeting
I stared at myself
I and I meeting

Before I could speak
I spoke up quickly
I needed a drink
I felt quite sickly

As I stepped past I
to pour the liquor
I knew right away
I should be quicker

I snarled and I bit
I gnashed and I tore
within a moment
I was I no more