It’s a delicate issue,
Republican Congressmen playing baseball
suddenly faced with 
a Real World situation
when violence shattered early morning field rotation:
ting, ting, ting, ting,
Digging deep into foxhole dugout,
Ducking and dragging injured bodies
‘cross home plate
but who’s counting?
a hip is shot, crumbling bone.
but mum is the “terrorism” word.
No serious injuries.
Be nice.
Remember Gephardt,
violence is not the answer.

He was a trusted male with “dark hair”
who easily passed the guards with
his white skin, emptying a shot gun
from 3rd base.
Can’t put a wall around That.

But why, people want to know.
Did he break? Did he lose a job?
Did he lose health insurance?
Is he worried about Global Warming?
Was he forced out of a restroom?
Did he “live in a van down by the river?”

Surely, after all,
it must be mental illness.
And maybe, the NRA thinks
it was an unfortunate slip of the finger.

What was his name again?
Oh right, we already forgot.