It’s not fair that I still love you
That I’ve been taught to give my all while you give nothing.
I sit and wait
you pick and choose whether I’m something you want 
Your decision from one day does not carry over to the next

It’s not fair that I do everything I know how to for you
Everything I know
From helping with homework to braiding hair
and loving these kids that are not my own

Somewhere along the way your family became mine
permanent fixtures in my world  

And somewhere along the way
While I was busy with the homework and the braiding
The loving with my whole heart and working two jobs to support us both
as they became more to me, I became less to you.  

you grew distant
Did you not know you were ripping my soul into pieces? 
you were completely unaware of what you were doing to me
That you were breaking me.
Maybe you just didn’t care.

A person can only forgive so much
and hope that things will get better for so long

before you know it, you’ll look up and realize,
you can’t remember the last time you heard the words
“i love you” 
And you’ll give up.