I met her in New Orleans
She was a soul singer with a velvety smooth voice and deep set brown eyes
We talked about music
I told her, most evenings we used to have Show Time
My little sister and I would sing ’40’s tunes for Dad
I’d play piano
She’d stand atop the piano bench
As we sang to our hearts content

I told her I played Ja Da ~ Ja Da ~ Ja Da Ja Da Jing Jing Jing ~
my sister would bring in the harmony & swing

We’d pretend we were two McGuire Sisters singing “Sugartime”
Sometimes we’d sing Billy Rose’s “Papermoon” and Daddy’s favorite “That’s Amore”

The one with the velvety voice smiled and nodded . . . her words rolled from her lips like butter . . . “Now dat’s some kind’a wonderful!”