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Lexington Poetry Month
I need a room of my own
article by
Deanna Mascle

With a door that locks
So no one can interrupt me
With windows that shut
So I can ignore the world
With a crocodile-filled moat
So I can deal with transgressors 

With soundproofing
So no one can hear my screams
With a cozy chaise
So I can curl up and weep
With a wet bar
So I can lubricate my life 

With glass-fronted shelves
So I can keep my dreams dust free
With a strong cabinet
So I can secure my unrealized hopes
With a large cage
So I can keep my goals restrained 

With a reading lamp
So I can soothe my broken heart
With a desk
So I can write out my soul
With a large hat rack
So I can focus on just being me

3 responses to “I need a room of my own”

  1. Melva Sue Priddy says:

    Every woman needs a room of her own. Thanks!

  2. Gaby Bedetti says:

    I agree with Melva Sue and love your allusion to Virginia Woolf.

  3. Jim Lally says:

    we keep out
    what we cant keep in

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