One day I see
pale blue flashes,
neon blinking,
in the periphery 
of a left eye.

The next day I see
delicate black lace
appear and disappear,
then a cobweb 
quickly whisks away.
There are tiny black bubbles–
it’s as if a transparent surf
outlined in black
washes over my eye, 
there and back
there and back

Another comet of white
light strays from an outer region. 

At this age,
I decide to get it checked:
a tear in my teeny tiny retina,
immediate laser repair– 
no time to think, say no.
I see green veins,
more flashes of 
of light.

Why? Did I rub my eye too hard
with a fist? Too much swimming 
in my friend’s over-chlorinated pool,
not wearing my silly blue goggles?

There is no reason the dr says–no exercise,
no fruit or vegetables, or one less sip of that drink
at the party that put you over the top
that could prevent this.

It is simply because
you are 
I like this doctor. 
I see.
I laugh.
It is simply because I am wiser.