I took the lamp assumed an incredible ‘lightness of being’ as I transferred
my human burdens to Spirit
Leaving zones of everyday occupations & relationships
I embarked upon one of my darkest walks
The deep abyss whence my power of action emanates fueled a serious decision
whether or not to remove Mom’s feeding tube and bring her home
or have the hospital provide euthanasia

As I moved further and further away from conventional certainities and superficial illumination
I picked up courage’s armor and brought Mom home
Each step of the descent a new person was disclosed within me and within Mom
Resounding words echoed louder ‘With God all things are possible . . .’
I was no longer sure and yet these words became

my resolve
my comfort
my salve

When I had to stop because the path faded beneath my steps
I clung to Spirit’s companionship and support
even as I found a bottomless abyss at my feet
Truth picked me up
And even when Mom stopped breathing and
arising from I know not where
Ancestors who had walked this same path before her
filled the room and took her with them . . .

I was left in the current which I dare now to call my life
As a daughter, a sister, Trustee and Fiduciary