I want long hair
And I want a suit.
I want to be a butch woman
And a feminine man.
I want to be called beautful
And handsome.
I want to look in the mirror
And be at peace with what I see.
I want to be called
They, not he or she
And I want people to think of me that way.

I want to wear a dress and makeup
Without thinking of how much
I feel like someone who isn’t myself in it.
I want to wear a suit and not think of
The fear that I have.
When I look in the mirror,
I want to go out as myself
And not be scared of the world
And it’s transphobia.
I want my mom and dad
To know the real me.
I want to be neither a man nor a woman
But nonbinary
And I want to be seen as such.

I want to be me.
I want to be loved.
Sometimes those feelings
Seem to fight
More than to walk
Hand in hand.
I want to be able
To love myself
Without having to be angry
At everyone else.