Has it really been a whole year
Since I forced myself to attend a social
When I wanted to be anything but?
I hoped to see your face and hoped you would
Give me the little nudge I needed to act
You gave me an awkward wave and nothing more
Yet now…

Has it really been a whole week
That I told you how much better off I am
With you in my life?
You nudge me when I need nudging
Avoid me when I need avoiding
I’m a temperamental little shit, yet there you are
Cool, calm and collected

Has it really been a whole day
That I told you how much I love you
How truly special you are to me?
Timing has never been my forte
Yet there you are, by my side
Being anti-social right along with me

Has it really only been an hour
Since the last damn social?
Okay, okay I’ll stop
Such sentimentality will make you blush, possibly puke
But some things need to be said
No it’s okay, I’ll go upstairs and get the nausea pills
Let me take care of you, for once