I have a friend named Steve

Although I’m not sure I know what friends are

People who give you stuff?  People who take?

Someone who is less than pissed when you call at midnight

From your broke down car in the rain?


He’s so far that way he could write songs for Mother Jones

He thinks I’m so far this way Ayn Rand shines my shoes


All I do is wonder, a little research, a little algebra, a little logic

Form an opinion based on my observation

not my wish


I’ve shared several of these with you here these past few years

On carbon (your failure is moot – you never had a chance – you’ll never have one)

On solar energy (every person needs a tennis court)

On the fact that she really is a terrorist and how I knew


Some I haven’t shared

Like the environmental horror of making your phone

Or the cost of immigration


Steve and I are talking.  He asks me about immigration and I say

“We have to shut the borders today. “  

He, of course, disagrees and asks me why I feel that way so I tell him

“It’s impossible to plan our social welfare system when we have no idea how many people we have to plan for.” And, because I’m not even as nice as I appear in my poetry I continue

“You live off your Social Security, don’t you?   How are we going to be able to make sure we have enough for you?” to which he responds

“Where did your family come from?”


Well, I can’t argue with that

The equations don’t change based on my heritage

I might as well be speaking Spanish