a few stanzas at a time
screenshot lines, send
electronically, digitally
as he likes to read
instead of in cursive
handwriting (which we’ll
work up to eventually)
i’ll feed him one bite
at a time. perhaps begin
on those with good rhythm
a few with discernible
rhyme. find subjects
he finds pleasant, topics
themes that go down
easy, sweet as blackberry
wine. feed him authentic
unpretentious lines and
if need be, send him those
i write and write about
our favorite pastimes, like
playing video games
streaming to viewers online
discover verse about
accounting and pharmacists’
lives. increase these portions
of poetry until he pines
for plates of it, throws down
like me, hoping he finds
pieces of poems so appetizing
he can share in their flavors
smells, recipes, the cooking
with me, be in touch with
divulge a pinch more of his
own humanity for other shy
chefs in the world to take heed