i’m going to escape behind my eyelids now

shroud myself in my brain cloud, solipsistic 

good glowing blue night baby burnt brown 

girl      all my thoughts micro plastics,

cool greywater streaming out in subliminal 

bliss, smoggy hands intertwined branches 

dangling from a vapid rose brown stone body

empty brick weathering away at all conceivable 

scene setting moments, i roll to the back of my 

bottom soil cinnamon coffee corneas & wait

for the world to turn cyclical & bare around 

my lilac spine                    i’m ten miles tucked

into my cranium         dancing away to the pace 

of my sultry & vexatious thoughts             

     a mad woman 

curdling in angst, licked full of dreaded nerves 

bolted to her body in murky shivers

        lukewarm & sweaty                    

reality reeling before me but i’m taking it all in 

at the speed of silence & creeping into my 

comfortable conscious to stay