Loss comes in many forms
Intertwining throughout life
Skimming the turntable
Skipping that song
An Uno game ending too soon 
With a handful of cards
Still waiting for our turn
We lose our minds
Stress surmounted
Over the laundry pile
We lose our sense of humor
A joke told too soon
We lose our children
To their rooms, friends, sports
Teenage woes
“You just don’t understand “
We lose our parents
To whatever it is
That “those parents” do
When they go away
Leaving us behind at will
Generational traumas
Creating new ones
Or breaking cycles
We lose friends
We never really had
And those lovers that we loved
Yet never loved us in return
In the end of it all
Whether it’s the closing
Ceremony, day, month or eulogy
There will come a pause
A breathtaking full-stop
A dilation of the iris
Where everything becomes clear
Life moments trickle in swiftly
Becoming clear, focusing on the importance
                             Of everything that once was, is, remains
All that will be….